If you care, we are right for you.
Studies show, healthier employees effect your bottom line, but, the best results come when employers truly care about the well being of their employees. It’s not about testing an employer’s moral compass, it’s about creating the best culture for change.

Mind + body = Performance.
The Studio is not your run-of-the-mill trainers standing over you in our track suits and beating you up on the Stairmaster. While we whole-heartedly promote healthier lifestyles, we are the first to admit that true happiness and contentment has never been found in a smaller pair of jeans.

Solutions, not band-aids.
The Studio is about looking at the whole person, finding out what motivates and drives you and helping you create a path toward happiness. For us, it’s not about multiple reps and starving yourself. It’s about helping you actually increase your appetite – for life.